What can we help you with?

Filling of aerosol sprays and
foams in cans and liquids in refill packs:

  • Consultancy & service
  • Research & development
  • Process manufacturing
  • Bottling
  • Packaging & logistics

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Vema GmbH & Co. KG
Portnerstraße 84
D-86356 Neusäß

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Mail: info@vema.net

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What services do we provide?
Our core business is the development, custom manufacturing and bottling of cosmetics, along with medical and household products. One key area of expertise is filling aerosols. In addition to this, we have expanded our portfolio to include filling liquids and lotions in sustainable refill packaging (bag-in-box and refill pouches). We provide a complete service: support & consultancy, research & development, bulk manufacturing, filling, plus package assembly & logistics.
Who are our customers?
Our customers include strong renowned international brands and retail chains, along with start-ups and influencers.

Private Label

How long does it take to develop a custom formula?
The development of a formula depends on the complexity of the mixture and the ease of sourcing individual ingredients. Based on our many years of experience, we can act quickly within the scope of our existing portfolio (approx. 3 weeks for an initial laboratory sample). An additional 4 weeks are then required for a stability crash test of a finished formula.
What kinds of packaging containers can we fill?
We fill aluminium or tinplate cans, bag-in-box packages and refill pouches (all available in a variety of sizes). We are happy to help you choose the right packaging and will take on the complete processing of your order in collaboration with our long-term partners.
Do we offer temporary storage of the products?
The finished products are stored in the hazardous goods warehouse of a local shipping company. Delivery on demand can be arranged upon request.
Does Vema have its own brand products?
We do not develop or sell products under our own label; we manufacture products exclusively on behalf of our customers.


What types of products do we offer?
We offer a wide range of products: foams, sprays and lotions for body, feet, hair and facial care, as well as products for children. As well as this, we produce deodorants, aqua sprays and sunscreen. Medical and household products complete our diverse range. You will find more information here.
What are the minimum order quantities?
The MOQ for filling sprays and foams in aerosol cans is 10,000 pieces. For bag-in-box, the MOQ is 500 pieces and 20,000 pieces for printed pouches.

Quality & environment

How does Vema contribute to environmental protection?
As part of extensive energy measures by the Kläger Group, a photovoltaic system was installed on the roofs of the buildings in Neusäß. Since the beginning of 2023, solar energy has now been converted into electrical energy here and used for the production process. In the future, we will cover approx. 25 to 35 % (almost 500 kWp) of our required energy for the production process ourselves.
How do we guarantee the quality of the products?
In compliance with the requirements of the EU GMP guidelines, we carry out documented in-process checks of everything from incoming goods to the production process and completion of your saleable product.

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