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Filling of aerosol sprays and
foams in cans and liquids in refill packs:

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The basic prerequisite for activating protective rights under the Whistleblower Protection Act is knowledge of wrongdoing or of a person’s misconduct that has occurred in the course of an official, professional or corporate activity.

In such cases, a tip can be submitted through the following portal*:


* However, it should be noted that deliberately making a false accusation is a serious offence. If a knowingly incorrect or frivolous allegation is made, for example in order to harm a person through a false accusation and ruin their reputation, then not only are the protective rights of the Whistleblower Protection Act no longer applicable, but you will also face consequences under labour law, civil law and possibly even criminal law. This can also represent justifiable grounds for dismissal. In addition to this, you would be liable to pay compensation for any damages arising from the deliberate or grossly negligent reporting or disclosure of incorrect information.
You are therefore strongly advised to refrain from making false accusations for your personal advantage or as revenge for a perceived injury.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Kläger Group’s Human Resources department.

Vema GmbH & Co. KG

i. A. Lisa Schneider
Human Resources

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