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Filling of aerosol sprays and
foams in cans and liquids in refill packs:

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heike zarschler

Head of Sales

+49 (0) 821 46053-36


“Personally, I swear by our dry shampoo foam when I’m in a hurry in the morning. Whenever I apply it, I know I’ll be having a great hair day.”


dr. christian melchert

Business Unit Manager
(Research & Development, Mixing Room & Manufactoring, ERP & IT, Quality Assurance)

+49 (0) 821 46053-43


“The crackling spray is my personal favourite. The tingling effect is long-lasting, cools the skin and is great for relieving tired legs.”


dr. stefanie schwarz

deputy Head of Research & Development

+49 (0) 821 46053-34


“I love our light, fluffy olive body mousse. It is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin feeling silky-smooth. Moisturise, get dressed, and I’m good to go!”



Business Unit Manager
(Production & Logistics)

+49 (0) 821 46053-54


“My favorite product is the shower foam “Mint”. The perfect refreshment to start the day.”

Our management

Kristian kläger

Managing Partner
Chief Executive Officer | Kläger Group

+49 (0) 821 46053-00


“Our hairsprays are one of my favourite products, since that is where it all began, 70 years ago.”


Sissi Winands

Chief Sales Officer | Kläger Group

+49 (0) 821 46053-00


“The exfoliating shower foam has become my favorite product. The unique combination of exfoliation and shower foam not only provides a refreshing shower experience but also effective skincare.”

andré droescher

Chief Financial Officer | Kläger Group

+49 (0) 821 46053-00


“My favourite product is the pomegranate shower foam. For a positive start to the day, there’s nothing better than a shower with a wonderful scent.”


As an experienced team, we are here to support you and develop a bespoke product to meet your exact requirements.

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