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Filling of aerosol sprays and
foams in cans and liquids in refill packs:

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We are very proud to have been certified in compliance with IFS HPC since 2013. This means we were the first aerosol filler in Germany to have met this challenge at such an early stage.

Our products are for close, personal use, every day. The IFS HPC Standard (International Featured Standards – Household and Product Care) assesses the safety and quality of our household and personal care products throughout the entire production chain.

These rules and standards are particularly important for retail chains with their own-brand or private label products. However, international brands and up-and-coming young brands now also attach greater importance to IFS HPC when working with us to get their innovative concepts on the shelves. Here, too, this certification is increasingly becoming one of the basic requirements for collaboration with us.

DIN EN ISO 13485

When manufacturing your medical products, we focus on operational risk management and product safety in compliance with this standard. This enables us to ensure that the medical products reliably meet both the customer’s requirements and the legal provisions.

DIN EN ISO 22716 / cosmetics GMP

The international standard with recommendations for good manufacturing practices for personal care products and detergents (cosmetics GMP) motivates us to improve continually through self-assessment. The quality of our products is tested and documented regularly.


This is the management system that puts us in the position of aligning your products and our services with your requirements as a customer. By defining clear business processes, we are able to offer a consistently reliable service. This certification has been the cornerstone of our product and service quality for more than 20 years, and is the basis of maximum process excellence in all plants belonging to the Kläger Group.